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10 Great Ways To Become More Confident



great ways to become confident

Confidence. Not something that’s innately in us, is it? Well, probably not anyhow. Like your muscle mass, it’s built over time and not without effort on your part. However, most of us don’t bother – sheepishly living life at half pace and strength, not reaching our full potential.

Being brutally honest, we don’t have the nerve to live our best life and we play it safe. The risks, and potential ridicule that come along with trying to achieve one’s dreams and failing are too strong.

But fear not, it’s never too late to turn it around and start waking up feeling strong, capable and confident, ready to engage and take on the world. But there’s no gain without a little bit of pain, and you’re going to have to push yourself outside your comfort zone first.

Remember, it’s you and only you that’s in the driver’s seat. All you have to do is push yourself into trying something that you thought you’d never be able to do. A sink or swim situation: talk to a crowd, conquer a fear or phobia. Momentum builds quickly, and one little step that gets you believing in your own abilities is the key here. Before you know it, you’ll feel unstoppable.

Okay, if you’re feeling charged up and ready to change – absorb and live these confidence building tips and you’ll be well on your way to living a new way.

  • Lead with your strengths

You’re good at something, and you know it. Focus on that and start expanding upon it. Become organized and play to your strengths. Reminding yourself of past successes will keep your positive, engaged and self-assured.

  • Monitor Your Success

Long term goal setting is great, but daily goal setting is even greater. Write a realistic to-do list at the start or end of each day, and you’ll soon see that each tick beside a box gives a great feeling of achievement and you get into a pattern of high productivity.

  • Talk to different people

Next time you’re out and about, make conversation with a stranger. And no, that doesn’t mean you have to hit on someone in a bar or a supermarket. Just a quick conversation with a cashier in a store is a great starting point. You’ll soon come to the realisation that the vast majority of people are friendly and there’s actually nothing to fear. And the more often you do it, the easier it becomes.

  • Try something new

There’s probably something that you’ve had on the back of your mind for a while, like joining a club with like-minded individuals for you to mingle with. Now is the time to do it. Little changes like this can have a huge impact.

  • Be Spontaneous

Next time you’re invited to a social event, don’t think about it, don’t consider all the possibilities etc. Just go! Even if it’s something you think you might not enjoy, you’ll be surprised at how often the best nights are the ones where you had no expectations.

  • Focus on your Body Language

It’s amazing how a few little things can completely change how you feel. Stand up straight, keep your head up high and your shoulders back. Maintain friendly eye contact, and smile! Take your time when you’re speaking and own your space. Not only do these things make you appear more confident, they actually make you feel it too.

  • Travel Somewhere

Try somewhere that you typically wouldn’t go. Preferably outside the touristy traps, which will force you to try new things, engage with locals and assert yourself. This will provide you with a huge confidence boost that will follow you home.

  • Travel Alone

The next trip you make, try it on your own. Solo travelling is one thing that breeds massive confidence changes. When you have just yourself to rely on, you self-confidence grows quickly. Self-reliance breeds self-confidence.

  • Get Fit with Others

Join a local team in a sport that either you excel at, or are passionate about. Team sports require co-operation and communication, meaning that you’ll have to get yourself out there to strategize with your team.

  • Test Yourself

Getting out of your comfort zone, and doing something physically demanding like a 5k run, survival camping or rock climbing, brings about a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and confidence like nothing else.

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