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10 Of The Most Dangerous Countries To Avoid



most dangerous countries to avoid

When it comes to traveling, we often see articles on the top X places to see before you die, and whilst travelling can be a highly rewarding experience, there are parts of the world that should be avoided at all costs, because merely by the fact of you being there massively increases the risk of something bad happening. Here we’ll be taking a look at 10 of the most dangerous countries to avoid.


Sierra Leone – Sierra Leone, and other similar West African countries, were at the forefront of the 2014 Ebola outbreaks. Although Ebola is thankfully now under control, Sierra Leone is still a high risk location, with new cases appearing every single day. The disease is highly contagious, and all it takes is minor exposure for one to become infected, and everybody else you encounter is also put at risk. What’s more, it can take days for symptoms to appear.


Bangladesh – Although India is one of the most popular countries in the world, Bangladesh is considered a no-go part of the world, for a whole host of different reasons. The main risk however, is sadly terrorism, as terrorist attacks are very common in the area. Bloggers, writers, and journalists have all been targeted, making it a very dangerous part of the world.


Kenya – Sadly, Kenya is another part of the world that is considered dangerous due to terrorist activity. With insurgent groups from Somalia, and other neighbouring countries, Kenya is sadly a hotbed of terrorist activity, with tourists in particular, being targeted and singled out as the terrorists see them as being of higher value to them. While the nature reserves are tempting and magnificent, it’s a big risk going there.


Somalia – Somalia has been an unstable part of the world for many decades now, and since the 90’s it has been in a virtually “lawless state”. The government is weak, criminal activity is everywhere, and many of the areas are controlled by terrorists groups such as Al-Shabbab, which has affiliates with Al Qaeda. The country is currently in a state of famine, which only makes people even more desperate.


Venezuela – Venezuela is another extremely dangerous part of the world, because of violent crimes and inflated costs of living, that are making people turn to crime to survive. It is sadly the homicide capital of the world, and sees a huge amount of “express kidnappings”. With these kidnappings, hostages are held for just a few hours, as families and loves ones are forced to gather whatever ransom they can. Riots and violent demonstrations also occur on a regular basis.


Turkey – Although a popular and beautiful country, Turkey is now considered a high risk country, due to the fact that violence in the country is also increasing. Numerous terrorist attacks are carried out in Turkey, due largely to the fact that it is located so close to war torn Syria and Iraq.


Ukraine – Whilst Western Ukraine is considered safe, it is best to avoid it to be safe. For three years now, civil unrest has been rife in the country, and relationships with Russia, have been, strained at best. Violent clashes often occur, and although things are improving, it is still far from safe.


Yemen – Yemen has been on the brink of civil war for decades now, with the US embassy closing down and US citizens being warned to leave the country immediately. Airports are closed, travel to and from the country is limited, and terrorist attacks are a near daily occurrence, as are pirate attacks.


Syria – Syria is now more warn torn than ever before, and whilst Syrian refuges flee the country, those that stay, are embroiled in a bitter civil war. The area is a hotbed of terrorist activity, and it is considered one of the most dangerous countries in the entire world.


Democratic Republic of the Congo – The Democratic Republic of the Congo, has troubles that can be traced back decades upon decades. Political issues have plagued the country, and with elections scheduled to take place for 2016, civil unrest is once again rearing its ugly head. Armed militant groups roam the countryside, travellers are often ambushed and attacked, robbed, and/or killed, not to mention the fact that the infrastructure is weak, and diseases such as Ebola and Yellow Fever plague the country.

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