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5 Eye Jabbing Fun Facts About The Three Stooges



The Three Stooges have stood the test of slapstick comedy time and are part of American popular culture. Larry, Curly & Moe made us belly laugh time and time again during a time of our history when things weren’t so happy.


Their off the cuff energetic humor was something we hadn’t seen before and still gives every generation, young and young at heart something to smile about.

Check out these eye jabbing fun facts about the lovable threesome. “Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!”

1. Curly Frequently Forgot His Lines:

Rumor has it that Curly (the bald, chubby one) was forgetful and couldn’t remember his lines.


All that iconic running around in circles making those weird sounds wasn’t in the script. It was his impromptu way of filling in for lost lines.

2. Moe’s Slap Happy Scenes Were Silent:

Moe (the short one with the bad haircut) was the leader of the hilarious trio and was known for slapping the other two around.


All those slap-happy side effects were added later in the editing room! “Why I odda!”

3. Curly Could Dance!:

Maybe some of Curly’s fancy twirls and stumbles were possible because he had a professional dance background.


He was known to cut the rug at some local dance floors.

4. The Trio Made 190 Films:

It was a very aggressive pace for the three funny guys who had to not only show up to work knowing their lines, but had to know how to deliver them in Three Stooge style.

NBC Television

The trio was successful at making 190 memorable films.

5. Larry Should’ve Been Called Curly!

Larry (the one with the curly hair) didn’t seem as funny as the other two, but in comedy there always has to be the fall guy.


That was Larry with the naturally curly hair. “Why soitenly!”

6. Hilarious One-Liners:

The Three Stooges were known for their comedy, one-liners and quick jokes like, Curly – “I grow on people”, Moe – “So do warts” have gone down in Hollywood history as pop culture genius.

WGN Television

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