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7 Ways To Live More Agressively



live more agressively

While it’s true that the word aggressive can mean violent, that’s not what we mean here. It also means to move forward with strong intent or purpose and that’s what this article is all about.

This article is a slap in the face, intended to force you out of your comfort zone and help you remember what you need to know to move forward with purpose.

It’s about taking charge of your life and strive for greatness, rather than accepting mediocrity, or a life of quiet desperation.

And this is what it means to live life with more aggression, purpose and resolve. Let’s cover areas that few have the courage to talk about- the white elephant in the room that everybody would rather ignore.


Do what you need to do

 Navy SEAL Team Six leader Richard Marcinko:

“You don’t have to like it, you just have to do it. Doing what needs to be done even when it’s the last thing you want to do, is the critical factor in achieving success.”

You need to cultivate a resolute habit, of doing what needs to be done, regardless of how you feel, whether it be great or terrible. Just knowing that you’re the kind of person with this kind of self-control brings huge satisfaction and confidence that carry through to other areas of your life and shape your strong character.


Be Professional

Think about this: If you only can perform at a high level when you’re feeling your best, then aren’t you are the exact opposite of a professional?

The amateur believes that they must first overcome their fear, then they can do their work. The consummate professional recognises that fear can never be truly overcome and knows there’s no such thing as being completely fearless dread-free.

The famous Broadway actor, Henry Fonda, used to vomit into the toilet in his dressing room and clean up and march out onstage. He’s absolutely terrified but he forces himself onwards, ignoring his terror. He realised that once he gets out and gets involved, that his fear will recede and he’ll be fine.

Do you sink or swim?


Stop Watching Crap

No one is saying that TV is bad, it’s not. There can be nothing better than getting stuck into a great Movie, or a new Series. These can provoke independent thought, and inspire you. But ask yourself honestly: Are you vicariously living through reality TV consumption and using it as a substitute for living a genuine life?

Scientists have studied that the general emotion when watching reality TV shows is actually mild depression. You deserve better than that, and wouldn’t it be far wiser to be filling your time with something you actually enjoy, rather than filling the void.


So what do you truly enjoy?

Only you know that, but doing something you truly enjoy is not only a golden key to financial success, but also a key to happiness. Once you figure out what makes you feel most alive, go do it!


Take another Path

Just by the mere fact that you have done something does not mean you have to keep doing it. You can go another way.

Just because your social group may hate their jobs and drown their sorrows in substance consumption every weekend does not mean you have to go this way

Life is short. But, if you allow yourself to lead a life of quiet desperation, it will feel anything but short. You owe it to yourself to have the courage to follow your dream.

Not doing so, often leads to self-destructive resentment and this has disastrous consequences not only for the individual but also for the group around the individual. Your path will have an impact on those around you.


Be grateful, but dissatisfied

We’re not talking about being some brat, that continually moans about problems related to levels of luxury. It’s a self-improvement mind-set related to your current level of development as a person and professional. It’s that hunger to improve and evolve. It’s your own Hero’s journey.


Embrace your failures

Did you realise that the only record that NBA legend Michael Jordan holds is for most misses? He took risks, and came back in adversity, time and time again.

This is a commonality in successful people. We often fixate on their successes and disregard that they have a lot more failures than successes. The difference between the successful and mediocre, is that the former do not dwell on their failures. They learn from them and move forward.

Here’s a quote from Michael Jordan

“I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

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