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Athletes Who Got Rich After Sports



Sports fans often have mixed emotions about athlete contracts that top the $100 million mark. That amount of money pushes star players into free agency.

Big money changes the talent level and chemistry of a local franchise. But many players make the big bucks long after leaving the playing field.

These now-wealthy former athletes may surprise you.

Johnson Had Money “Magic” After Basketball

Magic Johnson ranked among the most dynamic athletes in professional basketball.

When he played for the L.A. Lakers, it seemed like the team was a contender every year. But Magic set his sights on the business world after he retired.

Cooling down in the ice bath after my 2 hour power walk!

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Despite being well-compensated during his era of athlete salaries, Johnson has earned a personal wealth of reportedly $1 billion through post-basketball investments including affiliations with Starbucks.

Foreman Slugged His Way To Wealth

George Foreman remains a boxing legend.


The former heavyweight champion of the world went toe-to-toe with Muhammed Ali and knocked out Smokin’ Joe Frazier. But his George Foreman Grills has reportedly earned him upwards of $200 million after retiring from the ring.

John Elway’s Continued Success


In his early NFL years, the all-pro quarterback of the Denver Broncos seemed doomed to never win the Super Bowl. But late in his career, the organization added a serious running game and Elway earned a pair of rings. But his post-NFL success has made him wealthy.

Now the CEO of the Broncos, Elway sold off assets in restaurants and car dealerships for a reported $82.5 million.

Tim Horton Got Hot Off The Ice

The popular chain of Canadian-based coffee shops was founded by the former NHL hockey player, Tim Horton.


He played for the Buffalo Sabres and Toronto Maple Leafs. Before passing away in 1974, he had created a chain empire that was reportedly sold to the Burger King brand for more than $11 billion in 2014.

Arnie Lee

Horton’s family had already cashed out after his death for $1 million.

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