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Beard We Go Again: How to Keep Your Beard Baby Butt Soft



Let’s face it, manly men everywhere. If you commit to growing a beard, no matter if it’s bushy, trimmed or styled, caring for your “tuff scruff” is a full-time affair. One might ask to shave or not to shave. What is the easiest answer? In today’s five o’clock shadow world, they both take time, but if done just right it will raise the bar for your overall look. But one thing is for sure. If you want a healthy, baby butt soft beard on that kissable face you have to keep it happy and healthy.

Here’s how:

1. Wash That Crumb Catcher!  Don’t be a dirty dog. Shampoo your beard as much as you shampoo your hair. Sorry, baldies. If you don’t have hair anymore, you still need to buy the shampoo and get busy! The bigger the beard, the more it needs lathered up. Imagine what gets caught in that puppy…food, dirt, oil and overall beard buzz kill. Don’t forget to rinse!

2.  Condition, Condition, Condition:  Soften up big guy! Your beard and lover will thank you for it. Now it’s time to condition your beautiful, squeaky clean whiskers. There are all kinds of conditioners, oils, balms and butters that are created just for your face and beard. Since the hair on your face is a bit different than the other hair on your beautiful body, use products devoted just for facial hair. You’ll notice an instant difference, in a good way.

3. Brush That Bad Boy:  You brush your hair, you brush your teeth, so now it’s time to brush your baby butt soft beard. Use a boar head bristle brush that “massages” beneath your beard, conditions your chinny, chin, chin and increases the skin’s blood flow. It feels good too, so you and your beard are both happy and healthy.

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