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Big Name Wrestlers Who Went Into Politics



The crossover from the entertainment world into politics is no longer considered an anomaly. Bodybuilding champion Arnold Schwarzenegger went from Mr. Olympia to governor of California. Many remember him as “The Governator.”


Pres. Ronald Reagan went from cowboy and chimp films to the White House. But perhaps nothing could be more of a culture shock than people in professional wrestling being voted into public office.

Kane Lays the Smack Down in Tennessee

Listed at 7 feet and weighing in at 323 pounds, former WWE superstar Kane made a successful political bid to become mayor of Knox County, Tennessee.

Flicker/Miguel Discart

Born Glenn Thomas Jacobs and originally hailing from  Torrejón de Ardoz, Spain, the 51-year-old Republican was an A-list talent in the squared circle beginning in 1992.

He remains listed as an active wrestler and quite possible the biggest American mayor of all time!

Jesse was “The Body” Politic in Minnesota

Jesse Ventura led an exhilarating life. The decorated Navy Seal was an elite member of an underwater demolition team during the Vietnam War. He dove into pro wrestling in 1975 as Jesse “The Great,” later changed to “The Body.”


His career on the mat ran until 1984 and he then became a commentator with occasional match appearances. He later appeared alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movies “Predator” and “The Running Man.”

He beat out a popular Democrat and Republican to win Minnesota’s governorship in 1999 as a Reform Party candidate.

Donald J. Trump: From WWE To The White House

Many remember the meme that circulated with Pres. Donald J. Trump body slamming Hillary. That bit of cut and paste was pulled from live footage of the Republican president slamming WWE’s Vince McMahon in 2007.

reasons not to elect trump

Pres. Trump was no minor player back in the day. Trump participated in the Battle of the Billionaires against McMahon. The loser head to shave his head. Of course, The Donald had the barber tools.


All things considered, the next big league politician might just be at the next WrestleMania!

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