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Cardinals’ Kingsbury supports QB Rosen



The Arizona Cardinals are deflecting chatter that they might take Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray with the No. 1 pick in the 2019 NFL Draft as both coach Kliff Kingsbury and team president Michael Bidwill made comments Tuesday in support of the status quo.

Kingsbury stated that Josh Rosen is the club’s quarterback, while Bidwill said the Cardinals are committed to building “around the foundation that we have.”

“Our thoughts and feelings about Josh haven’t waned or changed or anything,” Kingsbury said of Rosen, the team’s first-round pick, No. 10 overall, last season. “I get that we have the first pick and there will be a million scenarios over the next three months that are going to come up, but Josh is our guy.”

Kingsbury’s past comments about taking Murray No. 1 when he was the coach at Texas Tech, as well as connections — they share the same agent — have ramped up speculation that the Cardinals might take Murray.

Kingsbury downplayed his previous comments about Murray, which were uttered during a week the Red Raiders were playing Oklahoma.

“Kyler is a tremendous player,” Kingsbury said. “I’ve said that to be very complimentary before we played an opponent. I understand the sound bite but like I said there will be a ton of scenarios that come up before we get to the draft.”

Bidwill also seemed to scuttle speculation with comments on 98.7 Arizona Sports, a day after the Heisman Trophy-winning Murray went all-in on his commitment to playing football and leaving baseball behind.

“There’s always a lot of speculation that turns out to not be true,” Bidwill said. “But moving forward, we’re going to continue to build this team and build around the foundation that we have.”

The addition of Murray to the draft has created new scenarios, and Bidwill said he appreciates that part of the situation.

“It’s great when we have new players and new excitement around our game that will cause people to speculate and talk,” Bidwill said.

Most mock drafts have the Cardinals selecting Ohio State pass rusher Nick Bosa with the first pick in April’s NFL Draft.

“They’ve got to be an incredible athlete on the field,” Bidwill said. “You want somebody, especially with the No. 1 pick, that you can look at and say, ‘This person is going to be here for eight to 10 years and be an anchor at their position and be a real leader in our organization.

“It’s where the heart is and where the head is. Are they playing the game for money, or are they playing the game because they love the game? That’s the kind of person you want with your first-round pick.”

–Field Level Media


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