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He Screwed Around, She Screwed Up His Ride



It’s almost a cliche at this stage, but “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”, coined back in 1697 is more true than every today. These dudes played around, and the girls got ANGRY, and hit them where it hurts. Their pride and joy. There’s going to be some pain here guys, so prepare yourselves. But will anything prepare you for what happens in number 5? We just can’t believe it even happened…


Perhaps the most artistic of our offerings, this Swiss based BMW X5 took on a drastic new look with a multitude of colors. You’d think that one color would have been sufficient, but this was obviously a creative lady!


We visit the UK here, and this car is found in an exclusive 42 story skyscraper in London. A $250,000 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 is the victim of a jealous lover here. As we understand it, he had been cheating on her for some time and made her message of him being a ‘dick’ very clear, don’t you think. Every panel had damage, which would require a full respray. An absolute fortune on a car like this.


This one really hurts, not just because it’s a damage done to a beautiful car, but damage done to a rare classic. Made between 1984 and 1996, the Ferrari Testarossa is the 12 cylinder icon of the 80’s, and being a hard car to drive, there aren’t a whole lot left in good condition. This car had fully original paintwork, until the owners ex-wife showed up one night, completely destroying the car (and innocent surrounding cars took a hit too).


Back to the UK again with a white Range-Rover Vogue. A beast of a Jeep, costing over $150k in this custom spec. But on this day, that value was dramatically reduced by a wild woman with a red spray can, done outside the owners place of work. At approximately $7,000 for a full respray, we sure “hope she was worth it”


Oh boy, we are now in the big leagues of revenge vandalism. The 16 cylinder Bugatti Veryon is valued at over $2 million, and is considered one of the finest sports car ever made. Only 450 cars were ever made, and quite a few destroyed by owners who didn’t know how to handle them. And this owner certainly didn’t handle his business correctly as he ended up with something unexpected on his hood.


This BMW e60 M5, met an unfortunate end, when it was doused in gas by the owners lover. With it’s 10 cylinders on full chat this car sounds very special. This was the last BMW M5 to have a naturally aspirated engine with a 500bhp v10, with all the new cars being turbocharged. But this particular one met a very cruel end.


Okay, so we don’t know if this owner played around with a stripper, but his wife knew her way around a can of paint stripper. Based in Oakland, this Black Corvette Stingray would have needed complete, back to the metal, respray running into around the $10k region. That $10k would sure buy a lot of lap dances.


We’re back to the UK again (take note guys, don’t play around with these girls!). Here our tragic victim is a C-class coupe. This Bradford based car was known locally for being his pride and joy, washed and waxed every weekend. But he played the consequences for playing around.


A Rolls Royce Ghost, and a Lamborghini Hurracan, owned by a UK based furniture importer, this was the dream garage of any man : The stately, luxurious Rolls Royce for long business trips and to make that statements to impress. The Lambo for the weekends to wind down. What more could he want? Another woman apparently, which lead to his wife burning down his man cave to a cinder and filing for divorce. Ouch!



This one really hurts as a car lover. The destroyed motor in question is none other than the classic, BMW M3 (E46) model. The 3.2 litre, 6 cylinder engine is one of the finest ever made by the German car giant. These cars are now approaching classic status, with good ones hard to find. We hope that this one made it back onto the road, but with the whole interior needing replacing (along with removing the whole dashboard), it’s unlikely that this beauty was ever the same again.


With this horrific example You can just feel the pain on the poor car, can’t you. Not like the others we’ve seen so far, this very clear message from his partner was keyed into the metal. This Porsche 911, would have required a full respray, as the other side of the car unfortunately got the same treatment.


All men know that this is something that could potentially destroy your reputation, as people always believe there is no smoke without fire. This example is very nasty, and was done by an ex-partner of the owner of this 6 series BMW. Whether the statement it’s true or not is for a court of law to decide. But if true, most certainly he deserves it and a whole lot more.


There’s many ways to say that a relationship ended : “We split up” , “We went our separate ways”, but we can definitely say that this one got the axe! And yes, I couldn’t wait to say that! This luxury Audi A8 got the chop from a disgruntled partner in Serbia, who found her man was playing around. You would imagine she must have been well prepared to have all those axes ready for battle.


Here we move to China, in what’s the first we’ll see of some Asian madness to follow. This lady was a force to be reckoned with, taking a hammer to her wealthy husbands BMW 760il, which would cost over $250,000 locally. She was quoted as saying “the b*tch who sat in this car is too dirty” and proceeded to bash the car for 10 minutes, while local onlookers watched in amazement.


We have something a bit different in the mix here, with this white BMW 3 series taking the hit this time. Unlike our previous examples, we see some girl on girl action here, with the wife taking revenge on her love rival. To be fair, that’s not bad penmanship with the spray can.


Back to the UK again, where it seems the car seems to be the go to place for revenge. This 1990 Ford Sierra took the hit from the black spray can here – but maybe you can join me in wondering why exactly she decided to cross our the number plate – the mind boggles!


Absolutely caught in the act you’d have to say. This disgruntled partner took to her husbands silver BMW 5 Series in a California car park after she discovered that he had been cheating on her for many years, according to the photographer who caught this great snap. They say redheads are fiery – this one sure was!


This wife decided to go the way of Gandhi in her approach, and handled her business peacefully without making any damage to her husbands car. She gets maximum points for politeness and actually hitting him where it hurts even more, by clearing out their joint bank account. Nikki, we salute you for handling it with class. But what you’re about to see next is MADNESS!


No!!!! What in god’s name are you doing?? Yes, this madness is when a gentleman loses his mind. Having spent over $300,000 on the brand new, top of the range S63 AMG Saloon, in his native China, this angry guy got highly frustrated when his car began to develop a stalling problem. When the dealership failed on the second attempt to fix it, he brought it out to their parking lot, and absolutely demolished the car with a golf club, in protest at the bad service. Even crazier, is that this is not uncommon in China, as we’re about to see.


China taxes imports much higher than the US, meaning that a luxury car that costs $80,000 could cost up to twice the price than in would here. So luxury cars like this Maserati Quattroporte are for the very, very wealthy, especially when you consider the average wage. So then you would wonder why, in a protest about feeling cheated over a slightly inflated service bill, the owner of this car decided (again like the previous example) to smash it up in front of the dealership?


So drastic, we had to show you another shot. Absolute destruction, over an argument about an increase of $200 in a service bill. This clearly was a gentleman who should have learned the benefits of deep breathing, and counting to ten.


Again, another mighty strange one from China, in what appears to be a cultural thing of smashing up your own car. This time we see the result of a Chinese lady getting out of her Audi Q3, picking up a brick from the roadside, and throwing it through every window on the car, removing it from the seats each time to repeat the process. We can’t make any sense of it, but we reckon she wouldn’t be the easiest to live with.


That’s a wrap folks. Specifically, a cling film wrap done by some humorous Germans on the local BMW patrol car. Seemingly the Police saw the funny side of it, and hopefully you too have enjoyed our compilation of some crazy car goings on.

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