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How To Age Like a Celeb



We’re all under much more pressure to look our best these days, being constantly bombarded by images of youthful perfection over social media.  So you’ve inevitably compared yourself to the Hollywood stars at some point, and asked yourself the question: How do they seem to carry the torch of eternal youth? Well for us men, the answer isn’t always publicly discussed as it’s not considered ‘manly’ to care about your looks that much – which is a little backwards considering how much we’ve moved on as people.

But let us break the Taboo for you. Hazy Maze has dove deep and examined all of the options for keeping the fountain of youth flowing. And no, we won’t make you look freakish!

But before we start: Get your treatments done by a well established medical professional. It sounds like obvious advice, but you’d be surprised at how many go for the cheapest option. When possible, choose a dermatologist or a facial plastic surgeon to do your treatment.

Fillers (nasolabial)

So you’re probably thinking that as a male, a Kylie Jenner pout would not be the best look, unless you’re taking a rather drastic new direction in your appearance. But fillers are not just for the lips – far from it in fact. Us men are prone to the nasolabial folds that run from the outer edges of our lips to our nose, and this makes you look old, fast.  As you can see from the pic above, the treatment can make a major difference.

Fillers (under eyes)

The eyes don’t lie, right? Well, certainly not about your age, as this is an area that will age any man or woman quickly. This is an area that should be treated by a practitioner with great skill, as placing filler in the tear trough is one of the hardest places to get right. As we can see from the example above, the effects are dramatic.

Fillers (cheeks)

As we age, we lose subcutaneous fat from our faces and this leads to volume loss. So what does this actually mean in principle? Well think of that sunken, hollow faced look and you’re now getting to what can be fixed with fillers. Now if you’re holding a few extra pounds, you’re doing this naturally and it’s one of the reasons heavy people can look youthful in the face. But here’s the kicker: after 35, should you lose this fat from your face, it will never return to the same distribution as before- giving a more ‘jowely’ look. As we can see from above the look (which was using very small amounts) it really does make a  subtle difference.

Botox (crows feet)

This is one that you notice on yourself, until you catch a glimpse of yourself smiling in some reflective surface. As you can see, Botox for crows feet doesn’t freeze you up when done well, and the beauty of it is that it prevents deeper wrinkles from appearing, as the reduction in movement stops the laughter/smile lines becoming embedded in your face.

Botox (forehead & frown)

So as a man, you’ve got to get this done right. Because that frozen, shiny forehead look on a man is frankly a desperate look. What you need to request from your practitioner is that you allow some movement to be retained, so that you reduce the movement by an extent that wrinkles will disappear, but still allow you to make expressions with your eyebrows. To do this is called ‘micro-dosing’ and it would ideally be done in two sessions, so that your Doctor can monitor how much was needed for the right effect. Put too much in the first time, and if the ‘frozen’ effect happens, you’ll have to wait a couple of months for it to wear off.

Hair Transplant (FUE)

Let’s face it, nothing ages a man more than losing his hair prematurely. And it happens to a large percentage of us, with it being mostly genetic and outside our control. Fortunately, surgical techniques have made massive advancements in the past 20 years, and that ‘dolls head’ pluggy look is a thing of the past. You can now have a scarless procedure, which will allow you to wear your hair short after the procedure. But like any operation, your result will only be as good as the skill of the surgeon. Some of the top docs in the world include: Dr Ron & Paul Shapiro, Dr Feller, Dr Cole, Dr Feriduni & Dr Rahal – among many others.

Hair Transplant (FUT)

This is the traditional approach, where a strip is taken from the back of the head, and the scalp stitched together. You may wonder why this approach even takes place these days, given that the scarless FUE technique is available. It’s not as straightforward as it may seem. Simply put, although the strip technique leaves a scar, the quality of hair that can be extracted from the strip is much higher, and has a stronger chance of survival once transplanted. This may make the procedure suitable for men who have lost a lot of hair, and need to get the best yield from what they have. It can also be used in combination with FUE for optimal results.

Non Surgical Hair Treatment (Tricropigmentation)

This is a very interesting option for those of us who have lost their hair, but have a good head shape and are happy to keep their hair short. Tricopigmentation is simulating the effects of hair bulbs using temporary pigments that are injected underneath the skin. A treatment lasts around 12 months and then needs to be topped up. It differs from micropigmentation in that it’s not permanent, and that in our opinion is a wise thing, as what happens when your hair turns grey with your dark ‘roots’? Again, this is best done by a hair transplant doctor, who will likely have the best equipment (vital) and will have a wealth of experience in knowing what hairline will suit you.

Non Surgical Hair Treatment (Meds)

In the hair loss community, there is a combination of products (one prescription, two not) called the ‘Big Three’. These are: Propecia, which is the brand name for Finasteride, a drug which prevents DHT binding to the hair follicle, which is how men loose their hair. This will generally hair loss progressing either totally, or by a significant amount. The next two are Minoxidinil, which you may know as Rogaine and Nizoral, which is an anti-fungal shampoo. If you’re experiencing hair loss, it’s worth checking out these options before considering any other action.

Skin Peel

Chemical peels are a very effective, relatively low cost way of turning back the clock on time and reversing a lot of damage caused by the elements. The above photo is an extremely light and mild peel done on a man in his early 30’s, but results for older men with deeper peels can be very dramatic. Peels can range from mild and superficial, to intensive deep peels, which remove several layers of skin to give a much fresher appearance. If you’ve had a lot of sun exposure in your life, this may greatly benefit your appearance.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

You may have seen the above images before, because they are pretty striking. This isn’t some photo-shopped offer you’ll find on a bodybuilding site, it’s a genuine picture of the results achieved by Dr Jefry Life (his real name, and how apt!), who is a Nevada based Physician and an advocate of TRT as a method to achieve wellness and overall health. His methods are not without controversy, as some argue that supplementing with Testosterone can be harmful, but TRT is becoming much more common these days with many insurance health plans picking up the tab, should you be diagnosed with ‘low T’.

Fraxel Laser Treatment

Fraxel is the brand name for a variety of different strength lasers which can have a remarkable effect on skin quality. Here’s how it works: A handheld device is passed over the skin, sending laser energy beneath the skin’s surface, which in turn stimulates the your body’s natural production of collagen and smooths the surface and texture of the skin. It’s highly effective at reducing acne scarring along with removing blemishes from the skin.

Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Lift)

Ok, so we’re now getting into under the surgeons knife on your face, which may be too much for some, but the results when done well cannot be denied. Essentially how it works, is that the loose or sagging skin below the eye, is removed and the area tightened up. This is an increasingly common procedure for businessmen in their 40’s, 50’s & 60’s when the late nights and early starts have caught up on them. Again, when doing something of this nature, choose the very best you can and research their credentials thoroughly.


Okay, so maybe you think we’re crossing the manly line here, and going into full Joan Rivers territory (RIP Joan, what a hilarious woman you were), but to give a whole face makeover the facelift is still going strong in celeb land. The picture of the 52 year old Brad Pitt at the 2016 Golden Globes caused something of a worldwide shock, due to his frankly ridiculously youthful face, prompting rumors of a facelift. While we’re not one to engage in gossip, we would think that the general consensus was right on the money with this assumption. But proceed with caution with this one – when done wrong, you look wrongly ‘done’- not a good look for anyone, but especially a man.

Retin-A (Tretonin)

So if the talk of facelifts gave you a shock, let us introduce something much more palatable and what could be considered one of the most highly effective daily skin treatments in the world.  Retin-A is the most well known brand of topical prescription medication that uses Tretinoin, which is an FDA-approved drug derived from vitamin A. By stimulating skin cell turnover, Tretinoin is often used to treate acne. Be prepared to use sunscreen (a good practice anyway) as Tretinoin-based creams can make your skin much more sensitive to the suns rays. As skin treatments go, this would be the best ‘bang for buck’ by far.

SPF Moisturizer

This is something a lot of us men skip, we may moisturize daily but rarely apply any sunscreen apart from properly sunny weather, when sun burn may be a risk. Unfortunately it’s a mistake to think this way, as the fairer sex would tell you. Sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 15 needs to be applied daily, even in cloudy weather. But it’s that extra bit of hassle, isn’t it? And sunscreen tends to be shiny. That’s why using a matte or non shiny, moisturizer which has a minimum of SPF 15 inbuilt is the smart move.

Hair Dye (Professional)

So hair dye is nothing new, this we know. But getting it wrong is really embarrassing, after all, who wants that Elvis impersonator color. But it can easily happen with DIY jobs, especially when using non-professional products like ‘Just For Men’ which realistically are just not going to do as good a job as a salon product.

So you’ve two options here: get it done in the hairdressers/barbers (if they offer it), or buy the salon product yourself and do it at home. Let us give you a few pointers: Brands like Loreal Cover 5 Homme , 3D Mension Grey Blend along with American Crew’s product are what the salons use. And it’s not rocket science to do it yourself – just choose one color lighter than you think, start at the back & work forward and whatever you do, don’t leave it on for longer than the required time!

Beard Dye

In for a dollar, in for a dime, right? So if you’re going all out and blending your grey’s on your head, maybe not a bad idea to get the beard matching too? Although if you keep a short’ish beard/long stubble this can end up being something you have to do once a week. ‘Just for men’ will do fine here, but again, choose a shade lighter than you think and don’t go longer than the recommended time. Pro tip: put petroleum jelly on the areas of your skin you don’t want dye on – as it’s hard to get off!










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