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Insanely Funny Food Brands From Around The World

An ironic aspect of the world’s language diversity, is how easily mistakes with product name can be made which produce unintentional hilarity. These are the very best of the worlds brands, where their cross-cultural message, shall we say, got a bit lost. Warning: This post is not suitable if you’re drinking coffee near a keyboard



Due to the world’s linguistic diversity, poorly researched product names often slip through the net, producing unintentional hilarity. These are the very best of the worlds brands, where their cross-cultural message, shall we say, got a bit lost….

Warning: Our Number One is definitely not something you want to get stuck in your Chimney!



Via : flickr

Imagine a close friend -who hadn’t seen you in some time- asking you just how you lost so much weight? “Well, I had Ayds” you might reply… Yep, this disastrously named candy from the 70’s and 80’s, actually was an ‘appetite suppressant’ candy which contained benzocaine, in order to reduce the sensations of taste, which presumably was to stop you eating it. Anyhow, the AIDS epidemic of the mid 80’s killed off sales by as much as 50%. An even more ill advised re-brand to ‘Diet Ayds’ couldn’t save it, and it was withdrawn from the market.



As we’re about to see in this slideshow, the Asian continent has been responsible for some absolutely crazy brands. And the appetizingly named ‘Only Puke’ Potato chips can only be described as just that. After all, who wouldn’t salivate in desire over that puke’y taste? Interestingly, the brand is actually called ‘Only Pukeet’ but the dreadfully designed bag hides the last two letters. They’re simply ‘Honey Bean Crisps’, but somehow I don’t think they sold well to tourists.




Via : spicesofindia

What came first, the Chicken or The Egg? Well, in the case of this, you’d have to ask was it the Spicy Curry Paste, or The Hot Shito? Lame jokes aside, this is a fiery African curry paste from Ghana that’s essentially a very hot black pepper sauce. Sounds okay to me actually, but somehow I think there might be some ancient wisdom in the brand name.



Via : flickr

Although it sounds like some 70’s porn meets Dinosaur crossover, these chips hailing from the Scandinavian country of Finland are simply stating that they’re for sharing with all the family. Yes, ‘Megapussi’ is definitely a case of being lost in translation, as the exact meaning is ‘Mega Bag’ in that it’s a family sized portion to be shared. So if you happen to find yourself hungry and wandering the Nordic land, simply pick up some ‘Megapussi’ and munch away to your hearts content, there’s plenty to go around.



Via : trulik

It’s a cold night, with the wind and rain blowing hard on your skin. You can’t wait to get indoors, and have a nice cup of’……Urinal? Yes, our friends in Romania like nothing more than to get this cranberry based drink into them on a cold winters evening, to avail of it’s ‘natural protection’ (genuinely, it’s on the packet!). Seemingly it’s very good for you, but not to everyone’s taste.



Via : thetraveltart

We stay in the same region of the world here, and visit the Eastern European country of Poland for this offering. This deep green drink again has a translation fail component, as ‘Fart’ in Polish means ‘Good Luck’, with the real gassy offering from the lower regions being called ‘bak’, pronounced ‘bonk’. So next time a pretty Polish lady clinks glasses with you, and say’s ‘Fart’, don’t take it as an instruction.



Via : epicfail

Having enjoyed these on a recent trip to China, my attempts on google to find tasty ‘Vegetarian Swallow Balls’ proved to be somewhat misplaced (isn’t it just amazing the niches that are catered for these days). These rice dumplings, which are eaten in a light broth are just chewy and delicious.



Via : flickr

As we just mentioned, isn’t it amazing what niches are catered for these days. Yes, these Spicy Vegetable Asian noodles are specifically dedicated towards the ever present and growing ‘Slut’ category. And just like Sluts, these noodles are available pretty much instantly, just add some water and a sachet of flavoring. And low fat to boot – what more could a slut want?



Via : smosh

Back to Europe again, and here we meet the Scandinavian treat manufactured by the food giant Cloetta. Brown and Soft, with a caramel center, a Plopp is sure to satisfy an urge. And for those who would find a caramel Plopp to be far too boring, the range has expanded to include ‘Plopp Tutti-Frutti ‘ ‘Plopp Cafe Late’ & ‘Plopp Saltlakris’ (salty licorice). Whatever your taste, you’ll find a Plopp can do the job for you.



Via : flickr

We return back to Ghana again (see the pattern emerging here folks?) to encounter a cola like no other. Yes, on a warm day on the African continent, there’s simply nothing better than sitting down and getting some ice cold Pee down your throat. Or enjoy as a refreshing side accompaniment with the previously mentioned Black pepper dish ‘Hot Shito’




Via : buzzfeed

Crack is a curious thing really. First you’re just curious, and get a friend to break off a little for you to try, but then before you know it you’re in deep, helplessly addicted and hanging around the bins of Chinese restaurants in a sweat, waiting anxiously for your next fix. Yes folks, deep fried Chinese crackers are the “wok” (sic) of the devil, and these Shrimp flavored ones could take over your life.



Via : no1southafricanshop

A day at the beach is always nice, especially in the magnificent beaches of South Africa where this product hails from. And what else would be the ideal seaside snack, but a lovely Salticrax? Yep, shake out those togs, and embrace the Salticrax.



Via : boredpanda

Well, who couldn’t resist having a nice tub of fresh cemen for dinner? Yes, that’s right, spread it all over your bread and enjoy. Because of course, Cemen is the spicy and aromatic staple of Turkish cuisine, consisting of some basic ingredients like tomato paste, red pepper, black pepper, garlic. Yummy.



Via : city-data

Produced by Belgian chocolate giant, Côte d’Or, this ballsy offering is chocolate for the brave. Big Nuts has been a best seller since the 80’s, and still goes strong today. Ironically the icon of the brand is the elephant, and in our fun fact today, we can reveal that the testicles of the Elephant are not exposed, but are housed internally in the body, beside the kidneys.



Via : boredpanda

Good Ole’ China, they really have come up with some of the most horrific names on this list, and this one takes the biscuit. So contrary to the images that the name this product brings to mind, it’s not designed for Hannibal Lector types, but simply a terrible translation. It’s simply, shredded meat for designed for young Children!



Via : thesleepingdogs

Mmmm, you just can imagine it right? A long hot day, and settling down for a nice orange’y glass of Coolpis. Again, our Asian friends have got it spectacularly wrong on the translation front, and this time the example hails from Korea, where this peachy/milk blend (which is great for a hangover) is the order of the day.



Via : flickr

While some of the product names on the lists here are entirely accidental, this one is not. Hailing from New Zealand, this citrus ice lolly was in existence when the predominant use for the word ‘Gaytime’ was another way to describe a ‘Happy Time’, like the the Flintstones theme song, where they would promise a ‘Gay Old time’. That word has now changed, and the ice cream makers have kept with it, as a nod to a different era.



Via : teamjimmyjoe

Another example from our friends down under, this time hailing from the land of the most deadliest creatures in the world, Australia. And this time, the Aussies are having a bit of dark joke with us, about the pandemic of 2003, so close to their own nation. This name is short for sarsaparilla, but despite the reference to the pneumonia virus, it actually boosted sales around that time, as people purchased as a novelty product.



Via : smosh

No this is not some horrible penis shaped pasta, that you may find in a dingy sex shop. It’s actually one of the biggest brand in China. Yes, the Asian mammoth, Cock, is well known all over the world. No doubt if you visit your local Asian supermarket, you too with find Cock there, resting on the shelves, waiting to be taken home and enjoyed.




Via : flickr

The super cute little characters in the left hand corner, slightly detract from what really is a gross name for a product. Thankfully however, these little cream puffs contain no intestine, and are supposed to be very tasty indeed. Collon actually translates from the Japanese onomatopoeia korokoro, which is described as something small and round rolling over.



Via : runtoftheweb

Oh man, this one just cracks me up every time. From the brown smears on the shortbread to the name, this really is the gift that keeps on giving – in fact I would really like to go into a store in a jackass esque fashion, and request this product from a polite Japanese shopkeeper rather loudly.



Via :flickr

This one initially seems to have quite nasty undertones, given some of the horrific anti-Semitic events of the past. However, on further investigation into the product, we can see that a primary ingredient is Auricularia auricula-judae, also known as ‘the Jew’s ear’, wood ear or jelly ear among many other names, which is an edible fungus. According to the Israeli consul in Shanghai, the Chinese consider Judaism a sign of prosperity, and linked to this name to boost sales!



Via : purpleclover

Oh my, ‘Homo Sausage’ really does seem on the face of it to be another epic translation screw up, which it is. You might have wondered though, how was such a name even brought into existence? We can reveal, that it’s simply a shortening of Homogenized Sausage. But you’d think that a company large enough to bring a product to market would at least run it by an native English speaker.



Via : flickr

Back to Europe now, and it’s our French friends we focus on. Known for their amazing food, their liberal acceptance of the ‘mistress’, and this comical biscuit, which reads more like a word which should have a question mark following it. Finger Marie is a shortbread snack, designed to be shared among friends.



Via : weknowmemes

We’ve all been there, doing the Thursday night grocery shopping and thinking what might be a little treat for ourselves for the coming weekend. And what could be more nostalgic than the good old taste of Grandma? Hmm, that doesn’t sound so nice. But Grandma’s Jam was probably pretty good. This one needs a prompt rebrand.



Via : newravel

Okay, so this one isn’t for humans, it’s for our four legged friends. Now Dogs as we know are not fussy eaters, but this one might be taking it a step too far. By dogs, for dogs perhaps? Nah, we think this is another screw up by the translation department, but it’s one that got us howling with laughter.



Via : flickr

Some things are just lost in translation, even when amount other English speaking countries. For example, Colin Farrell had to quickly readjust on his recent Ellen appearance and say that he had given up the cigarettes, instead of the fags (a slang term for a cigarette in the UK & Ireland) as the meaning would have been drastically different. This cuisine is a bit of an old-fashioned dish from the UK, made from off cuts of meat such as the heart, and liver, minced together. Doesn’t sound great to us.


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Via : dailymail

This one is pretty terrible really, and a throwback to the old days of terribly racially insensitive packing on food products back in the 80’s. For some reason it seems to be prevalant on ice-cream bars, which is quite strange. They updated it on the next slide.



Via : reddit

Even the ‘improved’ version still isn’t okay. As soccer fans may remember, the Barcelona striker Luis Suarez was banned for three months whilst playing for his former club, Liverpool, for saying this exact name to a black player, Patrice Evra. His claim was that in South America, it’s a term of endearment, meaning ‘little black man’. Somehow as the players were arguing all game, we doubt that to be true, and nor should it be on any brand, anywhere.



Via : katyboo

Hosting skills are key when entertaining, and what other way to impress than by giving your guests a good rimming. Yes, this rimming sugar is a sure fire way to delight, giving that delightfully sweet taste just as the rim tips your mouth. Cocktails wouldn’t be the same without rimming the glass first, as all good hosts know.



Via : boredpanda

Isn’t it funny how the addition or subtraction of a letter can have a dramatic effect on the meaning. Well, in a comical inclusion of a non needed ‘o’, our Peruvian friends have turned a delicious fruit into some very naughty sexual slang, all completely unintentional.



Via : foodnetworkhumor

A tasty Italian Pasta, similar to Ravioli, filled with steamed Vegetables. Unfortunately the name does not translate well to the English language.



Via : gjsentinel

A nice glass will loosen you up! Dry Sack is a popular brand of sweet, blended sherry, produced since 1906. You’ll find it’s popular in the Netherlands and Germany are fond of this type of product, where you’ll find it in many supermarkets.



Via : buzzfeed

Back to Asia again, and we see the how the simple shortening of ‘rapeseed’ leaf makes something look pretty crazy when placed on the freezer shelf of a supermarket.



Via : thelotusforum

This one really gave us a laugh, and actually if we’re getting factual here, Dogs don’t sweat. Nope, they’re not particularly keen on anti-perspirant or anything, they simply can’t! Dogs pant to cool themselves down, so when you see a Dog with it’s tongue hanging out, this is to keep themselves cool not due to them being tired. So you were hoping to get some Doggy sweat delight from this Japanese drink, we’re sorry to break te bad news.



Via : thisisafrica

Back down under again, and we return to those cheeky Australians, who as native English speakers, know exactly what they are doing with this product name. And it’s been a tremendous success, as they’re a huge seller.



Via : ridingthespine

Argentina, known for many things, but two of them are the Soccer legend Diego Maradona, and their amazing Beef. So it is with some surprise that these frozen burgers are called ‘Barfy’. Definitely one for a late night snack after a few beers.



Via : reddit

Here we meet the usual combination of banana and bum. Definitely not the most appealing blend, unless you’re really into the bizarre. Made by Scholler, which is a German division of the giant Nestle, this one really made us chuckle.



Via : buzzfeed

It doesn’t sound like something you’d want to whip out at the end of a nice meal, but our friends in the UK do just that. Out comes the spotted dick, cherry glasses clink, and monocles are polished to marvel at its delights. Well no, not really, it’s a bit of a soggy sponge dessert in a can, with the best thing about it being its name!



Via : teamjimmyjoe

C’mon guys, that’s the best brand name you could come up with . A bag of Poo, really??? This one is really odd, even the branding of the lady holding the bag of crisps, featured on the bag, in some kind of bizarre mirror image. Definitely not one of Indonesia’s food industries finest moments.



Via : reddit

From the land of Austria, comes the burger with ‘extra’ dick, assuming that the standard amount was not sufficient for the average customers need. Well we can rest easily, as we’ve discovered that ‘Dick’ is a type of sliced ham. Must…resist…Bobbit…joke….



We don’t know a whole lot about this particular offering, other than it’s old and has clearly been sitting in a window for a while. But if it does what it says on the tin, it might be worth further investigation. Who knows, maybe this brand could rise again?



Via : lolbrary

This is just one of these horrible, horrible mistakes that went to market. Just a nasty, gross product name, but very funny that it ever made it onto a packet of a professional food outfit, long enough to even be photographed.



Via : imgbit

Yes, this is the gayest water you’ll ever find. It really is, sogay. Found in Peru, this is bottled mineral water is named after a particularly beautiful waterfall, that is a major tourist and hikers attraction.



Via : awkwardnames

Our number one spot goes to the hilariously inappropriate children’s Christmas stocking filler. We hope you got as much of a laugh out of viewing these, as we did compiling them!

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