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Nail It! Why She Wants Your Feet Looking Sweet & So Should You



Look down — are your feet fabulous or frightening? If they’re hairy and scary, then take action right now. Manly men don’t pay much attention to their feet, but we can truly say that everyone else does. Taking good care of your hard-working dogs is as important as showering, wearing deodorant and all those other guy-grooming rituals. So quit digging in your heels and get your feet looking sweet. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Nail It: First things first — take a look at your toenails. If they are too long or about to curl over your toes, clip them right now! Use a pair of nail clippers designed just for toes. Some really funky dirt can find its way under your toenails, creating a breeding ground for fungus, bacteria and other stinky stuff. After you clip them, use an emery board (sandpaper for your nails) and file the rough edges. This is important to prevent ingrown toenails, sock snags and nail tearing.


2. Don’t Be Callous: Callouses are hard places on your feet caused by continual contact with shoes, boots or dress shoes. Keep them at bay by using a pumice stone (made from volcanic rock) and carefully “sand” the rough skin down. Callouses have a tendency to get thicker and thicker, causing not just an unsightly scene, but pain too.


3. Moisturize and Massage: You can enjoy this s


tep alone or share it with a partner. Moisturizing your feet is relaxing and healthier than you may realize. Your feet are full of nerves that connect to all other parts of your body. Rubbing them increases blood circulation throughout your body while generating healing and relaxation. Many foot creams on the market are full of healthful ingredients that not only soften skin and prevent odor but make your feet look and smell sweet.

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