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Nothing beats that new shoe smell



Professional basketball players in the United States are not just athletes. They are multimedia personalities with music videos, merchandise lines and shoes are a big part of their portfolio. Over the years, footwear such as “Air Jordans” were household names and retired Shaquille “Shaq” O’Neal still has his name on inexpensive sneakers in retail outlets such as Walmart.

On the other end of the spectrum, upstart Lonzo Ball released a shoe line with a base price of $695. Autographed pairs ran $995 and even the sandals tipped $220. For NBA players, it’s all about the shoes.

PUMA Returns to NBA Footwear Game

Despite being an excellent shoemaker, PUMA never gained traction on NBA courts. Its top star was Walt Clyde Frazier back in the 1970s.

After being out of pro basketball signature shoes for about two decades, PUMA appears to be all-in after signing eventual No. 1 overall draft pick DeAndre Ayton, and No. 2 Marvin Bagley III. PUMA even rolled the dice on Michael Porter Jr., whose injury caused his stock to dip to No. 14 overall.

PUMA HOOPS HQ 6.18-6.21

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The long-standing PUMA brand has jumped back in the NBA signature shoe game.

LeBron Remains King of Shoe Sales

Ranked among the most iconic players in all of sports, LeBron James recently signed a blockbuster $153 million contract with the Los Angeles Lakers

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. His third team as a pro, this will likely be his last NBA hoorah. On top of the mega-deals LeBron has enjoyed over the years, he remains the undisputed king of shoe brands.

In 2003, he inked a $90 million deal with Nike and renewed a $30 million annual agreement in 2015. He now enjoys a lifetime deal that could top $1 billion. That’s a lot of shoes.

Top Signature Shoe Brands NBA Players Favor

One of the best ways to earn cred for a shoe line is to have it rocked on the courts by fellow NBA stars. You can’t buy that level of exposure with clever advertisements.

The PG 2 ‘Home Craze’ just dropped on ! #PillowsOnTheFeet

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That being said, Paul George led all comers with 42 NBA players wearing his signature Nike PG 1s last season. Kyrie Irving ran second with 32 players supporting their arches on Nike Kyrie 3. But if you add the fact that 22 players wore Nike Kyrie 4s, the Celtic point guard has the hot hand — or foot if you will — in terms of NBA shoe cred.

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