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NBA Stars Have Multi Million Dollar Skill And Dream Homes To Match!



Once upon a time, there was a little boy who dreamed that one day he would grow up, play in the NBA and become so famous and rich, he could buy anything his little heart desired. Basketball dreams do come true, at least for these amazingly talented NBA celebrities that use their loaded bank accounts to score really big homes.

After a long day on the basketball court, NBA stars deserve a nice place to lay their tall, talented little heads, right? That’s right and what’s a guy supposed to do with all that money he’s making doing what he loves most? Dribble it away? No way! He buys a multi-million dollar home or homes.

Here’s the million dollar playlist of some of the most famous NBA players who truly have keys to some amazing castles:

1.  Lebron James

This NBA legend is known as King James and every king needs a castle with a king-sized address. Akron, Ohio is the site of his $9.2 million basketball castle that he bought when he was just 18 years old. Since, he has added some Lebron style features like a recording studio, an online casino and a barbershop. This gazillionaire guy is playing and winning the game of fame.


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2.  Chris Paul Dunks It!


Chris Paul is the man who can afford a multimillion dollar home or two. His address right now is in Houston palace that is wife found for the family man.

Rumor has it he’s all about living being a family affair so he invited his brother’s family to move in…too close for comfort? Not in this little place boasting 14 bathrooms, 9 bedrooms, a 6-car garage and picturesque view.

BTW, it’s on the market for a mere 6,975,000…Paul’s pocket change

3.  Kevin Durant, In It to Win It!

Leonard Zhukovsky/bigstock

Go Big and Go Home! NBA super rich, super-star Keven Durant now calls home a 5,136 square foot Malibu CA oceanfront beach house, resort. And all it took to get the keys was just a little over $12 million.

It’s a fully automated Smart Home, has a lofted gym, library, outdoor spa, home theater and an elevator to easily get you to one of the three beautiful levels.

4.  Dwight Howard

This talented Houston Rockets player rocketed right over to the realtor’s office and scored a gorgeous $7.8 million castle in sunny Longwood, Florida.

It weighs in at a mere 11,025 square feet with a master suite that takes up the entire side of the home. Plus there is a private wine tasting room, home theater, billiards room, a resort style pool, waterfalls and a swim through cave.


5.  Kobe Bryant


It’s recorded somewhere in NBA records that this basketball superstar made more than $320 million dollars in his career. He spends it on the nicest of things, too including very expensive homes. His super laid out pad in Newport Beach, CA set him back a whopping $9.5 million but was worth every little penny, or million we should say.

Cool Kobe also has other homes nearby and to keep tabs on them, flies over each one in his helicopter, yes he not only owns the basketball world but he also owns his very own helicopter. Boys and their toys!


6.  James Harden Scores Really, Really Big

 He’s known for his big beautiful beard and his big beautiful basketball talent. Harden also known for other awesome things:  Scoring the biggest contact the NBA has ever seen, ($227,964,846 smackaroos) with the Houston Rockets, hiring his mom to be his manager and now for living in the $2 million dollar, three-story home where retired NBA great Cuttino Mobley lived.

Wow, if those basketball walls could talk!

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