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10 Most Exciting Cities In The World



most exciting cities in the world
  1. New York, United States

A pure field of exiting energy, New York really has it all. From architectural marvels, amazing restaurants, shopping heaven and an extremely diverse and lively nightlife scene, it rivals any cosmopolitan city out there. From trend-setting hipster neighbourhoods, to Wall Street, this city encompasses almost every walk of life.

 9. London, England

Creative, cultural and at the forefront of trendsetting, London is a bustling city with a grand history reminding you of the empire that the British built over time. Home to some of the wealthiest folk on the planet, you’ll find it caters to all tastes possible. Yes, the weather is pretty dreadful, and it’s expensive, but there is so much to do and see in this thriving multicultural hub, that’ll you’ll just keep coming back.

  1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

There’s nowhere else quite like Dubai, the Middle East hub that has grown to epic proportions in record time. An adventurous fusions of Arabic and Western cultures, leads this to be the place where some of the world’s oldest mosques share the city along with the most ambitious skyscrapers of the world. A thriving ex-pat community, thanks to their zero income tax rate, means that it’s an every growing business hub. And that’s before we get onto the shopping centres, and Hotels, which are unquestionably some of the most luxurious places that one could wish to be.

  1. Barcelona, Spain

The Catalan Capital is architectural heave. From Gaudi’s masterpieces to the wonderful gothic quarter, this is a city that will have your head tuning to marvel at your surroundings. Walk the length of Las Ramblas and take a coffee on the beach, or take the cable cars to get an incredible vantage point of one of the world’s most beautiful cities.  A great party culture, with lively nightlife, wonderfully eclectic locals and arguably the world’s most legendary football team, with a stadium to match, this is a city that is just buzzing with excitement.

  1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

With a coastal backdrop filled with the samba vibe, Rio gives you one incredibly appealing destination. Overlooked by the mountaintop Christ the Redeemer, a defining statue that means so much to the nation and with locals that exude the Brazilians’ love for life, this is a city that will work its way into your heart. Immerse yourself in the Beach, Carnival and even catch a game of football to experience the intense passion of this city.

  1. Paris, France

Probably the most beautiful city in the world, Paris is a hub for tourists but never manages to feel crowded. With effortlessly fashionable and cool locals, who are far friendlier that their aloof reputation suggests – providing you make an effort – this is the City where you will want to immerse yourself in their fiercely independent and unique bars and restaurants for legendary French dining. You can spend days viewing all the sites here, and not get it all done. Climb the Iconic Eiffel tower, visit the Notre dame cathedral, see the Mona Lisa and sail down the Seine. This is a city where you will spend almost no time in your Hotel as there is just so much to do.

  1. Bangkok, Thailand

What an intense place Bangkok is. Noisy, dirty, heaving with traffic and people yet so beautiful. Visit the numerous markets and huge shopping malls for bargains aplenty, and sample some of the most delicious and cheap street food you’ll find. Go see the numerous Buddhist temples, swim with sharks at Ocean World or even go ringside at the Muay-Thai matches, surrounded by some of the most passionate Thai supporters you’ll ever see. Great food, Nightlife and Bars are aplenty in this city, especially in the Sukhumvit Road area, and why not take in the views from the incredible Sirocco Sky bar. The best time to go is just after the monsoon season from November to February, just before the sweltering heat begins in March.

  1. Berlin, Germany

Berlin, the mecca of the European Hipster creative set, is one of the most transformative cities in the world, changing continuously since reuniting form its split thirty years ago. The reunification of East and West has created a brand new identity, and one that’s far more exciting than when it was undone. Berlin’s people have an anything-goes attitude, exemplified with their underground scene and hedonistic lifestyle after hours Clubs, like the legendary Berghain. See the Berlin Wall, hang out in some uber cool venues, and go shopping for some of the most unique vintage clothes you’ll find. This is a young, vibrant and cutting edge city with a very international feel that will have you feeling energised and inspired – all at a bargain price.

  1. Las Vegas, USA

An oasis, in the form of a glowing neon-lit theme park for Adults of a city in the middle of the desert. An outrageous playground for adults with one of the few states with legalized gambling in America, it manages to be the  perhaps the tackiest place on Earth while at the same time being extremely glamorous and exciting.

You can live a very much 24 lifestyle in this city that never stops, nor wants you to stop. Take in the sights of the world’s most famous icons, like the Eiffel Tower, Canals Of Venice, the Statue of Liberty, or even perhaps the Pyramids of Egypt – albeit replicas, while on your way to indulgence and decadence.

Vegas is focuses almost entirely on “the strip” — aka Las Vegas Boulevard, the place that urges you to strip yourself of any inhibitions or restraints. You’ll might just blow that holiday budget at the showy, opulent casinos, but their attractions are not just the gaming tables: They are also gigantic hotels, clubs, shopping malls, and entertainment venues presenting spectacular concerts and big commercial events, along with sporting events.  Las Vegas will captivate you with its surreal feel, and will give you an experience unlike any other. A truly one off place.

  1. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo takes our top spot! It’s one intense place to the first time visitor, like stepping into a bright, futuristic dream filled with neon lights. The city is of course ripe with tradition, but blends wonderfully with edgy trends, and colourful cartoon like fashion that you just wouldn’t see anywhere else. In Tokyo, the weird quickly becomes the normal, where the out of the ordinary, comes in spades. A wonderfully engulfing city, where you can just be amazed at the sights that come before you. No more so than “The scramble” at Shibuya Station, which is the world’s busiest intersection, where viewing the ceaseless mill of people is a remarkable spectacle. Restaurant’s here serve a cuisine as varied as their themes, think ninja and cartoon style establishments, and with some of the highest buildings in the world, and a heaving nightlife scene, there’s always something to get your interests, and adrenaline pumping in Tokyo.

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