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The Perfect Photo At The Perfect Time



 What’s goin’ on?


Melissa Brandts and her husband were exploring Lake Minnewanka in Banff National Park, Canada -when they stopped for a timed picture of the two of them. While their camera was set up on some rocks and getting ready to countdown to their picture, this curious little ground squirrel appeared who had become intrigued with the sound of the focusing camera and jumped right into view. Only once in a lifetime does this one happen!

Exorcist Needed

We’ve all had it happen to us before in a photo – yep, the old “I’ll take it again, your eyes were close moment”, but this time it worked out so very brilliantly. White eyeshadow on dark skin is a lovely thing, but be sure not to blink in a photo, in case people think an exorcist cast-off was attending this wedding. Scary!

Blowin’ Chunks

Nerves or sickness reach us all at some point, and no more so than the gentleman occupying the number five podium in this pic. He didn’t come last anyway, so it certainly couldn’t have been a vomit of pure shame. The thing that always gets me is, why do people always attempt to catch it in their hands?

Caught Red Handed

On first glance you might not notice this – just looks like a busy bar with people having a good time. But look again, and see where the man’s hand is, and what his hand is on. Yep, he’s getting that purse right out of her bag, with the help of his accomplice who is covering up his disgraceful act with a blue shirt to mask it. But the camera captured it all.

Guide Dogs Only

For some reason, on train journeys you often encounter some strange folk – for example the last time I took a long journey I sat opposite a woman who quite literally talked straight at me for 45 minutes without gasping for air. Which was nice. But not as amusing as this perfectly timed dog/human hybrid making its way home in a fetching pink number.

Hat’s Off To Ya’

Again we’re back to a train, an endless source of amusement for the eagle eyed snapper. And let us just say “hat’s off” to this photographer for capturing this freaky floating hat in this absolutely beautifully timed photo, with the subject blissfully unaware of the comedy around him. The guy to his left seems less impressed however.

Haw Haw

That looks to be a tricky situation, with the horse getting stuck in the gate, and there don’t look to be an easy solution. But this cow seems to see the funny side, and gets in an epic photobomb in a sticky moment. What a legend of a cow.

Spare a Dolla’ Man?

Not to be outdone by any land animal, creatures of the sea are getting in on the act here, with this dolphin photobombing a speedboat off the Irish coast. Dolphins are extremely friendly & smart, but usually would stay away from a boat moving at speed like this, so this is a super rare shot. Looks like the guy knows this is a one in a lifetime moment.

Roger Rabbit?

Most theme parks have signs up saying ‘do not feed the animals’, but this cheeky pair are getting bugs bunny rightly hot under the collar with their very naughty antics, so much so he looks cross-eyed with bemusement. I’d somehow guess that this doesn’t happen every day! More cheekiness coming right up….

Skirting The Edges

You’ll have to forgive us here, but we don’t know who on earth this is – must be someone famous anyway (drop us a line if you know for sure). One thing is for certain though, an eager snapper has decided to breach the rail and take a shot from below her skirt, unbeknownst to her!

Bucket List

It’s a brave, brave man that does this to a sunbathing woman, but he seems to be blissfully unaware of the silent treatment and moods that will be to follow. But he seems to think that it’s worth it, and judging by the slightly curious look on her face as the water is about to hit her, we agree that it is.

Pin Up

Nothing nicer than donning your best clothes, and having a drink at a suitably upmarket establishment. But doesn’t it just ruin your day when you find that a waiter is wearing the exact same shoes and blue skirt. What a brilliant shot we have to say, just perfectly timed – and nice pins too!

 Super Setters

You’ve probably heard it said plenty of times before, but it’s sure true that dogs tend to resemble their owners, and again we have a perfect case of it here – where a red setter appears to have some wonderfully flowing red locks, sitting by the dock.

Sup Man?

Sup’ brother? Something botherin’ you? Our German Shepard friend sure looks the part here, with the suspicious look and the cigarette on the owners arm handing out of his pick-up truck, just finishes off the look beautifully.

Cheesy Dreams

Didn’t we tell you that trains are places of pure hilarity! In this instance, we’re getting some very Homer Simpson dreaming of food type of imagery, with this gent ‘dreaming’ of a tasty Chicken burger. And judging by the size of his jeans, we reckon he has plenty of room for a couple more trips to the diner.


Here’s a guy who doesn’t look like he’d be turning down a chicken burger anytime soon. And believe us, especially for a big guy like him, it’s no mean feat to get yourself that straight when diving. But one thing we can assure you is that he has no time to correct that dive at this point, and his friends are about to witness a major belly flop.

Sister Act

Five ladies of the church, getting themselves some refreshments – but the question is did they even notice about what type of chairs they were sitting on? We think that they would have had to, and the result is a pretty epic contrast between religious gear and burlesque type stockings and heels. Have a drink on us sisters, always good to see good natured fun like this!

The Face Of Pure Regret

Not knowing that the swimming pool cover wasn’t a solid thing, our canine friend got himself into a very sticky situation here when he decided to have a run around the back garden, and found that he got way more than he bargained for. Never have we seen a face that says “Oh no, how to get out of this one”

A little Nuts?

This crazy dude decided to get naked in a totally ill advised invasion of an Ice Hocky rink in Canada. So ill advised was it, in fact, that on his attention seeking run he managed to knock himself flat out cold and had to be carried away by paramedics. All while naked on live TV.

Rough And Tumble

Sport occasionally throws up these gems at you, and this was a bizarre incident in the Manchester derby in the UK’s premier League. Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand looks to be getting some rough treatment from Manchester City’s Carlos Tevez. But at least he had the decency to wear gloves, with it being a cold night.

Oh Dear…

So having a glowing tan is almost an essential for a cheerleader, but let’s face it we all know that lying out in the baking sun isn’t the best way to do it – we know more now than we did in the 70’s. But the fake tan that stains your skin can just as easily stain your clothes, and little did this cheerleader know that she had sat on a tanning application pad. And ended up with the most embarrassing stain one could have!

Air Bear

How do you get a bear down from a tree? Pour a bit of honey on the ground, or tempt him down with a fish? Well, we don’t know what these cops first tried when they got a call about a bear stuck up a tree, but the Tranquilizer gun sure did the job, with the bear looking hilariously graceful as he hits the trampoline.

Cop vs Racoon

More Cops and Animals encounters again here, and we now see the results of Officer Diaz of the NYPD trying to remove a racoon from a beauty store, presumably by the look of the animal, after it had its hair ‘did’, nails done and a healthy dose of mascara applied – ready to hit the city streets looking hella fine.

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